Hi! And thank you for stopping by:)
I’m a French Photographer & Graphic designer.
Though born in Toulouse, I am mostly based worldwide and my projects are international: I love traveling.
This love for freedom and the discovery of other cultures, other life experiences is what led me to photography.
When you take the time to stop and contemplate what’s around you, through the camera lens, it seems like another layer of the world emerges. I simply wish to impart the beauty that I see through this time capsule.
I grew up with a strong desire to “see more”, and left home for Paris when I was a teenager.
Then I took a step further and spent time living in Japan, Taiwan, Australia, Italy. Now that I came back, I’ve been able to truly see the beauty in my own place of birth: I have acquired new eyes and a new life perspective through my lenses, and through my experiences.
The jobs I’ve worked before, from Barista to Press Attachée, are as various as the countries I’ve lived in, I am constantly yearning for exploration.
Inspiration is everywhere: in everyday walk, through city architecture, or in paintings, books, cinema, music. Recently my inspiration is looking most at those around me. The challenge of seeing newness and beauty in the little details of our daily lives is what make up everything unique, isn't it?
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